Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tales from the Homefront

This just in: my dishwasher actually works. I haven't used it since the day I moved in and water came gushing out the bottom and all over the floor. I've been hand-washing my dishes all year and using the dishwasher as a giant drying rack. I decided that because today is the first day of a new quarter (and, therefore, a self-imposed no-study day) that I'd try it again (pathetic, I know). A year later. And it totally works. It's like magic....

Or it could just be that the last time I used it, I may have put in dish soap instead of dishwasher detergent.
Just think, I could be your doctor someday!

As a bonus, the thing washes my dishes to the back beat from We Will Rock You by Queen.

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