Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Moron,

To the people of the town in which I'm being held hostage by my medical education:

Were you too busy making meth to learn how to read? Is that why you've never read the Missouri Driver's manual?

Or have the rules of the road different here than in civilization.

Perhaps it's just that in this God-forsaken, redneck hell-hole, your kindergarten teachers forgot to teach you about waiting your damn turn!

Is that why you refuse to obey the law and actually stop your car at a four-way stop. How hard it must be on you to wait the four extra seconds it would take for you to stop and let the person with the right of way go first.

No, wait! Let me guess. You're Sandra Bullock and this is some low-budget version of the movie Speed. If you press on your break your car is going to explode, right? That must be the reason why I get cut off at least once a day by some moron that hasn't figured out that blinking red lights = stop. They are not saying "Please run me! And crash into the law abiding citizen next to you."

And what's even better, when I honk at you because you're breaking the law and getting your piece of junk dangerously close to one year old Conrad, you get all pissy, LIKE IT'S MY FAULT.

Whew, rant over. I think this blog has just become a place to store my whining. Either that, or my life just sucks right now. Or both.

I realize this sounds dumb, but I've been in more near-accidents in a one mile radius in this teeny, tiny town than I have been ever anyplace else. How many more days until I get to leave this place? If I end up here for third and fourth years, I'm quitting med school. It's not like they even have a Target here to make up for all the morons.

This is just another of a million incentives to pass my classes so I am not stuck here for another year. Please, fancy hospitals in far away states, don't make me stay in this town-sized insane asylum. I'll do all your scut work for free, and I'll even pay you for it.

P.S. Boards studying starts today... Goodbye, life.


  1. Nothing like road rage in a small town....maybe you need to take up walking instead...oh wait, do they know pedestrians have the right of way?? Be careful!!

  2. When you need a little break, how about that med school / HP comparison poem you promised me a while ago?

    "Oh my gosh, I just found the old HP poems we wrote that you posted. We are awesome. We have such great writing skills. I compared my feelings about Snape to a sticky bun. We need to start writing these again because reading those just made my day!

    I feel a HP/med school comparison coming on."