Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do AIDS and med school have in common?

It sounds like the start of a bad joke. Unfortunately, it's not a joke; it's just bad. Or pathetic. I can't decide.

Here's what my notes say about AIDS dementia:

Cognitive Impairment: memory loss, difficulty reading, inability to concentrate, increased difficulty in performing common and then complex tasks.

Behavioral and mood impairments: apathy, lack of initiative that can progress to a near-vegetative state, agitation and mild mania.

I have textbook AIDS dementia minus the actual part about having the HIV. Maybe I have med dementia. This must explain why I have to ban myself from Walmart on test days otherwise I'll stand in the shampoo aisle for 20 minutes because I can't make a decision. Oh, and why I have no idea what month it is. And why sometimes I stop at green lights. And why I can't remember the name of the organism that causes Cutaneous Myiasis.

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  1. Yesterday I couldn't remember my address...and I didn't even have a big exam this week. Epic fail.