Monday, August 30, 2010

Germaphobic Tooth Fairy

I've been an official second year medical student since last Thursday at 11:00 am.
The other day, somebody said that if they had to repeat the first year over again, they'd quit med school. I have to say, I totally agree. It was torture the first time around. I'd rather spend the rest of my life working at the DMV than repeat the first year.

I'm currently enjoying my last vacation that is completely devoid of studying. From here on out, my vacations will consist of board preparation in the form of relearning everything I've managed to forget in the last year. Yay. I've bought a board prep book, of whose cover I haven't even bothered to crack. My current board study plan is this: When I'm studying for about the effects of saw palmetto on Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and I think, "Hmm, I used to know in what section of the prostate BPH is most commonly found," I stop and look it up right then, instead of doing what I would normally do, which would be to promise myself that I'll remember to look it up 9 months from now when I'm really studying for the boards. We'll see how well this actually works out.

In other news, I'm currently playing single mother to the four kids of a fellow medical student while he and his wife are on vacation.
I'm learning such things as:

1. The Fives should come once a day, unless its test day. I do not like waking up in the fives every day. It makes the day really, really long.

2. The person who invented the child lock on the car windows is a genius and I love him.

3. I now respect my mother on a whole new level. Especially after having to repeat everything I say approximately 5 times before anything gets done. I actually said, "Did you hear me? I'm not just speaking for my health." Oy.

4. Did you know that you can deep fry tater tots?! They're already awesome little bullets of cholesterol that go straight to my coronary arteries, but you can drop them in a vat of hot oil and make them that much better! Where have deep fried tater tots been all my life? Granted, I did not actually feed the children this because I don't want to give them heart attacks and their mother is trusting me to at least feed them a carrot or two while she's gone, but I seriously considered making some for myself after they went to bed. Alas, I was too tired from all that 5 am-ness that is going around this house and fell asleep.

5. I'm an awesome tooth fairy. The youngest's tooth fell out at lunch yesterday, and I didn't even throw up. I hate teeth. I don't want to see them wiggle, much less fall out of your head. Granted, I never even touched the tooth. I made her put it in a strainer to wash it off, and then transferred it to a plastic baggie.

6. In the event that I fail out of med school, I'm going to get a job as a stay at home mom. Although I have this sneaking suspicion that in real life, it might be harder than becoming a doctor.

Currently Reading: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
The book is supposed to be about all the different ways society has used cadavers throughout history, from anatomy labs to proving the Crucifixion of Jesus. I think what I've really learned is that there are some really loony people out there that should probably not be allowed to run scientific studies. Or let out in public. What made these people think that it was a good use of time and money to take cheek swabs from people and test to see if the cells can still feel their owner's emotions from 50 yards away?


  1. I am trying not to giggle out loud in Bread Co! Glad you had the chance to experience 4 children (besides your 4 girlies) for several days on end. Somehow, I think it would be great if children could be in charge of other children in someone else's home for a few days so they could also experience the rolling of eyes, the repetition of directions etc! Your mom raised a terrific kid!!!!

  2. hahahahahaha teeth are gross. i'm glad you made her strain it.

    and i read that book!

    and i hope everything is going well :)