Sunday, August 7, 2011

The leg bone is connected to the foot bone...

I'm currently on my two week radiology rotation. The first day I stayed until lunch and then went home. Obviously I am such a gunner. I would put in more effort, except my attending thinks medical student equates more with secretary than, you know, student.

The other day I was observing him put in a fluoroscopy- guided PICC line (a central catheter designed for long-term medication administration) on a patient. This involves having everyone in the room wearing the lead shield aprons. So he's got this 50 lb apron on with a sterile gown over it. His phone rings and it's still clipped to his belt. Instead of just letting it go to voicemail, he asks me to get it. So I have to go digging around under all this stuff without breaking sterile and grab his phone from his pants. I can't decide who was sexually harassed in this situation, me or him?

Then I have to answer the phone like I'm his secretary. But here's the problem: the person on the other end has an accent and he's talking a mile a minute and I can't understand a single word he's saying. He wants to talk to my attending but I'm scared to interrupt him because he is currently trying to float a catheter up a vein in the patient's arm and into the superior vena cava, which I'm guessing takes some amount of concentration. I eventually just gave up trying to figure out what the caller wanted and told him my attending would call back when he was done.

Later that day we're doing the same procedure on another patient. As soon as my attending was sterile, his phone rings. I made the other med student get it.

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