Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jersey City vs. Hurricane Irene

That was the most disappointing hurricane ever! Now I'm pissed that I subjected myself to torture at the hands of Walmart on Friday. All for nothing.

It rained off and on pretty much all of Saturday. I spent the day over at a friend's house watching movies and killing time until the hurricane started. We decided to venture out for dinner because nothing was happening, so we ate at this Irish pub that was having hurricane drink specials. I've come to the conclusion that we should have fake hurricanes all the time because no one was out on the roads, we found street parking on the weekend (a certifiable miracle), and they suspended all the parking laws until Monday so you could park basically anywhere.

The storm started in earnest around 11 pm and by that time it was pouring and the wind was picking up. My cousin called me in a panic, wanting to know if I was prepared. He's lived through two hurricanes in Florida, and he was, needless to say, unimpressed when I told him that not only was I not boarding up the windows and filling the bathtub with ice water, but I wasn't even at home. He kind of freaked me out a little with all his disaster talk, so my friend filled the bathtub with water (not because we were going to need it, but to shut me up). Needless to say, we never lost power. The Dish even worked through most of the hurricane, which has to be some act of God because I had one of those my senior year in college and we lost all reception anytime the sky even thought about sending rain.

The storm was over by 10 this morning and I ventured home. I was expecting to see at least some damage from the storm, a few tree limbs down, anything to prove that we'd been through a hurricane.

I'm seriously disappointed that Hurricane Irene did not bring her A game, because how can I say I survived a hurricane when I've been through worse thunderstorms in the middle of the country? And now I have no choice but to go to work on Monday. Thanks a lot, Irene.

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  1. i saw a branch that fell. other than that, i slept right through it.