Sunday, October 17, 2010

Placenta Lisa

Here's what my Pathology Notes have to say about Placenta:

1. Leonardo da Vinci made a detailed drawing of the placenta, but for some reason this picture didn't catch on as well as the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper (Go figure).

2. Top Five Reasons to Bury Your Placenta-
          1. So dogs won't eat it and make the mother sick
          2. So dogs won't eat it and make the child a criminal
          3. So the mother won't get pregnant right away
          4. So the mother will get pregnant right away
          5. So it won't end up near a body of water, otherwise the kid might drown.

3. Placenta is Latin for "flat cake." (Great, yet another food medicine is ruined for me. Not that I know what flat cake is.)

4. There are references for articles in some Mommy magazine about eating your placenta and all sorts of recipes for placenta pizza.

After that there's some actual medicine, but that part is boring.

Hope you didn't just eat.


  1. I saw some sort of monkey type animal eating what I think was her placenta while I was at the STL Zoo. It was the grossest, most intriguing thing ever... (except the other time that I saw a couple giant tortoises "wrestling." I'm still confused about how that works with the shell, but oh well.)

  2. Oh Risa, you're my favorite.