Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Winner Is...

New Jersey!

I got my first choice. I think my blood pressure probably increased 20 points today. It was really stressful. Here's pretty much how it went:
9 am: The match closed. I checked my confirmation email for the 15th time to make sure I put in the right spots. Then I attempted to pay attention to a lecture on endocarditis.
10-12: I sat in OTM for two hours and checked my phone when the professors weren't looking. My partner and I contemplated the likelihood of getting murdered if we prank called people in the class pretending to be the person who tells you that you didn't match.
12: The administration ran the match results. Then they told everyone that they'd be making the calls around 12:15.
12:15-1 pm: Stared at my phone and willed it not to ring. Also I took a depression test the mental health department was offering. No depression, but I scored really high on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder section. The score sheet told me I needed to be evaluated by a professional. So I worried about that for a while, then I stared at my phone for a while.
1-2: Made up answers on a quiz and stared at my phone again.
2-4: Watched people get the phone calls telling them they went unmatched. There were 20 people that didn't get a spot! Had a minor heart attack over that fact and then checked my phone again. Still no calls.
4:30 Realized that I hadn't gotten a call, which meant that I'd gotten a top 3 spot. Then started watching my computer screen for the placement email, which would be out by 5.
5: Still no email.
5:30: Still no email. But I think I pressed refresh about 500 times in the last 30 minutes. Gave up and went to get something to eat.
5:45: Got the email while I was waiting for my food. New Jersey!

Whew. Now that I'm done stressing about where I'm going to be living next year, I can start stressing about finding an apartment without actually having time to visit.

So I'm moving to New Jersey, which I know practically nothing about, except there are gardens and a show called Jersey Shore that I've never seen. But maybe I'll get to treat one of the cast members for an STD when I'm on an Infectious Disease rotation. The hospital that will be training me has one of the largest infectious disease departments in the country, which guarantees that I'll get an opportunity to see some weird stuff. Plus, they have an ID fellowship, so I can start kissing up now.

Time to study, not that I can actually concentration, but I have a test "Girl Parts" as my professor calls them on Friday and I know nothing other than some random facts about placenta.


  1. oh my gosh that's so exciting! congrats! i'm going to live vicariously through you, ok?