Monday, September 12, 2011

It's September 12th and everything is back to normal around here. Everyone seems to have recovered from the whole "Let's love everyone extra" of yesterday, which is kind of a relief because all the niceness was starting to freak me out. People in the grocery store kept striking up conversations with me. They even voluntarily moved their carts out of the middle of the aisle so I could get through , which might seem like common courtesy in any other part of the country, but here is like an act of God if you don't have to resort to pushing their cart with yours first. It was all very Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Don't get me wrong, I think that sentiment is great, but it seems a little phoney when it only applies to one day of the year (man, this makes me sound like the hippy I desperately wanted to be in high school).

I knew everything was back to the status quo today when a transit bus decided to cut me off in rush hour traffic because he couldn't be bothered to check his mirrors before all 20 feet of him changed lanes. I was so happy that everyone was back to being rude again that I forgot to honk.

The empty lot next to my house has this stray cat and I want to adopt it. I keep asking if he wants to come home with me, but I think he's shy. He'd really come in handy this winter because my landlord has started bringing up the M-word and I don't really want to have to move out because Mickey's little cousins are coming to visit.

What I really want is one of those hairless cats that look like Voldemort. It sounds like the perfect pet because A: it's a cat, which means that it has no use for you as long as you make the food appear on a regular basis (ie, perfect for a med student) and B: because it's hypoallergenic and C: they just look hilarious. I did a little research on hairless cats last month during my radiology rotation because, let's be honest, what else was there to do. Sadly, hairless cats are the insecure sorority girls of the cat world. In other words, high maintenance. Because they have no hair, you have to bathe and moisturize them with special hairless cat soap multiple times a week. If I wanted to put in that much effort, I'd get a kid. The death of a dream...
See you in your nightmares...

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  1. Actually, that looks like Mickey's cousin-ewww!