Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more...

I went into New York city today and walked around. I've never been before, and NYC looms so large in my mind as the biggest, brightest city on earth that it was almost a letdown to realize it is basically like every other big city I've visited. Almost...

Right out of the subway tunnel, there was a huge farmer's market and tons of people milling around in the amazing weather. Little old men were challenging passersby to play them in chess. A woman was sitting on the ground telling fortunes and reading tarot cards.

I walked around Greenwich Village, which has some of the most beautiful, old architecture. I love taking photos of old buildings, and I would have, had I not forgotten my camera. I'm clearly awesome at being a tourist. The camera on my phone had to be sacrificed in order to conserve the pathetic battery, because Judy the GPS needs a lot of energy to live and I never know where I am.

I also went to the Strand, the home to 18 miles of books, which made my inner nerd happy. And my outer nerd.

I met up with a couple of other Kirksville survivors and a couple of their friends for dinner and drinks. Everyone at the table, excluding myself and my roommate, graduated from KU, which meant the night quickly dissolved into arguments over whose state was responsible for the border skirmishes during the Civil War. Again with the nerdiness. There was also a lot of Rock Chalk Jayhawk chanting going on. I threw in an MIZ-ZOU chant, but really I have no school spirit, I was just feeling outnumbered.

So that is how the only picture I took on my first excursion into NYC ended up representing the Midwest...

The Enemy

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