Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anything but this

One of our favorite pastimes around these parts (besides whining; we're really talented at that) is talking about quitting medical school and doing something else, anything else has to be better than this. We play the "I'd rather" game a lot too. "I'd rather have my eyeballs poked out than sit through another physiology workshop." But mostly we just talk about all those things we could be doing right now, if we weren't here.

While I don't think any of us are actually serious about that, it's nice to at least pretend that it would possible. Sometimes daydreaming about being anywhere but here is the only thing that gets me through another day.

Don't get me wrong, I love med school, and I'm very glad I'm here, but let's just state a fact: med school can make you feel like your brain is leaking out your ears and you're about one multiple choice test away from riding the crazy train to the nearest asylum.

So in honor of medical school, here's a list what I rather be doing right now instead of cramming for a test on the neural control of vomiting (seriously):

1. Vomit.

2. Join the circus- a friend of mine here has a brother who actually did join the circus for a couple months. We were all really jealous.

3. Sit on my couch until my butt fuses to the cushion.

4. Be a voice in an animated movie.

5. Make up names for fingernail polish.

6. Have my fingernails pulled out with a pair of pliers.

7. Drink. A doctor I used to work with assured me that med school would drive me to start drinking. I told him that he was crazy. This is me publicly admitting that Dan was right and I was wrong.

8. Sit in the DMV all day. I'd rather hang out with the cranky DMV employees than hang out with my neurology textbook.

9. Go back to undergrad. Sad, I know. But when I think about how hard I thought those classes were and how much I had to study then, it seems like a cake walk compared to this. Sometimes I go sit at the university library across town just to pretend that I'm back in college and I've never heard of this pit of hell called med school.

10. Any thing that lets me sleep a normal amount on a regular basis. If I get more than 6 hours of sleep, I wake up with a migraine.

11. Anything that doesn't cause so much stress that I can't eat without feeling nauseous and can't get my left eye to stop twitching.

12. Anything but this.

But in all reality, if I quit med school for any of those things, I'd probably start missing school in a week. Especially if I was missing my fingernails.


  1. What about start a bakery/bookstore with your little sis? :-D

  2. I hope your mother doesn't know you're drinking!!!!